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Having fun in the respect for the environment can be done

How many times have you thought the hidden face of a party, a concert, a festival or cultural event are tons of unsorted waste and so much waste? Probably never. We did. We are convinced that the most innovative ideas arise from simple observation of reality and are sure that have fun while respecting the environment is possible.

A certification to revolutionize the events of Puglia

Ecofesta Puglia is voluntary unique certification in Italy that intervenes to reduce the environmental impact of the events of Puglia created by the genius of three young from Puglia with a passion for the ecology: Roberto Paladini, Ilaria Calò and Loreta Ragone. The goal is to revolutionize festivals, concerts and cultural events involving its participants directly.

Social innovation for environmental sustainability

Founded before as an experimental model in the field of the associations in 2011 and recorded by the association of Lecce EMS – Sustainable Organization Models, Ecofesta Puglia is the winner in 2012 of the call Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (PON Research and Competitiveness for the Convergence Regions – Code Project is funded from PON04a3_00436 Code Project PON04a3_00436 funded under Axis II: “Support for Innovation” – Operational Objective “Integrated Actions for sustainable development and the diffusion of the Information Society 2007-2013”), within the project “The tradition makes Eco-sustainability model to innovate the traditional and revolutionize events of Puglia”.

International guarantee and land development

Ecofesta Puglia is the only certification of its kind known in Italy ISO 20121 – the international standard of management systems for the sustainability of the events which guarantee at international level, the sustainability of the design and implementation of activities and processes developed in the events by “Ecofesta Puglia”. In 2014 the Department of Environmental Quality of the Puglia Region has ratified the Regulation recognizing the added value in terms of contribution to sustainable development of the territory through interventions of social innovation (Regional Council Resolution March 26, 2014, published in the BURP n. 48 04.09.2014).

To reduce, to differentiate, to inform

“Ecofesta Puglia” is a unique model in Italy that transforms the event into an opportunity raising and information on the green practices through activities reduction and waste separation, offsetting CO2 emissions and information and environmental sensitization. The certification is granted to individual gastronomic, recreational, sporting, cultural, social animation, music events, meeting the criteria of assessment defined by a specific regulation.

The actions

Biodegradable tableware, waste separation assisted by specially trained informers ecological, electromechanical compost bin, green infopoints, compensation of the production of CO2 produced during the event, monitoring of the environmental impact and promotion of the event, innovative equipment that have a strong visual impact, sensitization and distribution of ecogadget: these are some of the elements that characterize the intervention of green “Ecofesta Puglia” during the events that structure an appropriate model suited to the specific demands.